Com’Meet, first FK12 Comet Fly’In

LFLH – CHALON Chamforgeuil

On 6 and 7 July 2019 will be held the 1st Fly-in totally dedicated to the pilots of FK12 Comet and Bucker: The Com’Meet.

The Com’Meet mission is to bring together FK12 and Bucker owners for a two-day private gathering for a friendly time sharing our passion.


Program of all festivities on both days:


From 17h: Reception of the first pilots and transfers lodgings and hotels.


9h to 12h: Welcome coffee / croissants of the Com’Meet pilots, free time, presentation and registration for activities.

12h to 14h: Buffet and speech of Mr. Mickael Boulay, director of the aerodrome.

14h to 19h: Activities several workshops:

  • Pitts S2B flights with Instructor. Each pilot wishing to fly the Pitts in double order will have to do an amphi-cabin and follow the training on the safety instructions,
  • Presentation of the FK12 Inverted and its peculiarities,
  • Briefing on Patrol Flight and Safety Rules,
  • Photo shootings regrouping the Comet, Bucker, cars and old motorcycles,
  • Intervention of an officer of B & F-Aircraft,
  • Aerobatics demonstration in FK12 Inverted,
  • Visit of the control tower,
  • Briefing flights.

7 pm to 8 pm: Evening flight

20h: Aperitif followed by a hot dinner in the shed of FK France.

23h to midnight: Transfers to lodgings and hotels.


8am to 9am: Aerodrome transfers.

8h30 to 10h: Home coffee / croissants.

10h to 11h: Conference on the vineyards of the Côte Châlonnaise and the Hautes Côtes de Beaune by a pilot and Vigneron de Chassagne Montrachet.

11h to 12h: Briefing and preparation of the machines for an overview on the patrol of the vineyards with all the participants.

12h to 13h30: Patrol tour of the vineyards with all participants.

13h30h to 15h: Lunch

15h to 19h:

  • Photo sessions,
  • Exchanges between pilots,
  • Flights in Pitts,
  • Demonstration of aerobatics in FK 12 Inverted,
  • Preparation of return flights.

20h end of Com’Meet!


General informations :

  • This meeting is open to all other aircraft and pilot friends without the possibility to park the aircraft in the hangars.
  • Aircraft accommodation capacity: (free) In the order of the inscriptions, 10 to 12 Comet wings folded and 3 to 4 Bucker.
  • The organization takes care of free reception and breakfast on site in Champforgeuil, transfers to the cottages / hotels listed below.
  • The bookings of the cottages and hotels are the responsibility of the participants.
  • Lunch meals are charged individually at 15 € including drinks.
  • The evening hot meals are individually charged at 30 € uros wines not included.
  • Refueling SP98 and AvGAs 100LL possible on site.




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